Wendake Pow Wow

Wendake Pow Wow
Wendake Québec
une 26th to 28th 2018

From the opening procession to the dance contests, First Nations of here and beyond, in their traditional regalia, compete to the beat of drums in ability, grace and endurance during a palette of top-level competitions. The Wendake Pow Wow is a unique opportunity for Native dancers to offer an amazing display of skills. We cordially invite you to this exceptional experience. Moreover, you will be able to take part in handicraft making workshops, attend various traditional know-how demonstrations and taste authentic First Nations food. This activity will delight the whole family.

Call us at 1-866-551-9222 to know more!

Additional Information
5, place de la Rencontre
Wendake (Québec) G0A 4V0
Phone. : (418) 847-2222
Toll Free: 1-866-551-9222 (Canada et USA)
Fax. : (418) 847-2903
Email : info@hotelpremieresnations.ca

10, place de la Rencontre
Wendake Québec G0A 4V0
Phone : (418) 847-1835
Toll Free: 1-888-WENDAKE (Canada et USA)
Fax. : (418) 847-9675
Email: info@tourismewendake.ca

Web: http://tourismewendake.ca

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