Unionized Employees At CFB Ottawa Achieved New Collective Agreement That Will See Them Through To April 2023

The Union Negotiating Committee at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Ottawa achieved wage improvements in each year of the agreement term. This includes an initial retroactive raise of 2.5% for hours worked since April 1, 2019. In year two, the employees will see another raise of 2.5%, and rates will go up by 1% in year three and again by 1% in year four. The agreement contains language stating that if a minimum wage increase is higher than the negotiated increase in the same year, employees will receive a pay adjustment of up to 25 cents.

New language provides Fitness Instructors with overtime after seven and a half hours per day/37.5 hours per week. Previously they were required to surpass eight hours per day/40 hours per week, which Fitness Instructors never reach with their regular hours.

Members benefit from an improved boot allowance of $150, up from $125. The tool allowance improves as well by $20 over the term of the agreement.

Pregnant employees at CFB Ottawa will receive a half day of paid leave to attend routine medical appointments. The half day will be applied per appointment with no maximum to the number of appointments allowed. In addition, there are improvements to language regarding Paid Leave for Family-Related Responsibilities. Part-time now receive five days of such leave, which matches the full-time allowance. Full-time employees receive an additional annual paid personal day. Bereavement language now permits employees to save one day’s leave for a delayed interment.

Employees now receive paid time to provide Union Orientation to new hires.

The new agreement covers approximately 20 full-time and 40 part-time employees at CFB Ottawa.

Union Negotiating Committee: Ron Hyslop, Nazem Saleh, Nathan Verbeck, and Union Reps Paul Hardwick and Jacques Niquet.

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