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Technological Advancements Will See Employees Frequently Work from Home By 2022

60% of Employees to Frequently Work from Home by 2022 – According to a recent Virgin Media Business report, technological advancements will see over half of office-based employees regularly working from home by 2022.

A study of 5000 UK directors and business owner has founded belief that at least 60% of employees will work from home, with face-to-face meetings also undergoing some form of change.

72% of those in the report were even inclined to believe that that these will soon become a thing of the past. In anticipation of the research findings soon becoming reality, the UK’s leading time and attendance solutions company IQTimecard is calling for businesses to start to plan for such changes.

Following the report by LM Research on behalf of Virgin Media Business, IQTimecard is hoping that business owners will take the above figures seriously. Specialists in time management and company improvement programs, IQTimecard offer a range of solutions to support company managers as more and more staff start to work remotely.

With the implementation of cutting-edge scheduling technology such as employee monitoring software, IQTimecard is encouraging companies to fully embrace the 21st century complete with the technological advancements that come hand-in-hand with it.

Robin Huxley, Marketing Executive at IQTimecard explains, “The demands of employees are very different from what they used to be. Many graduates are entering into the world of work expecting different things from their workplace compared to older colleagues. Virgin Media Business’s research demonstrates just how different the world of work is about to become.

“The next decade will see employees working more independently than ever and businesses need to be ready for this. IQTimecard gives managers and supervisors in any industry everything they need to monitor staff without making them feel suffocated, as if someone is watching their every move. No-body likes a micro-manager.

“Employee turnover is also incredibly high. The care industry in particular is a great example of this. Many young people will enter the world of work, but not as we know it. Many office-based employees will work from home making the 9-5 office job a thing of the past. IQTimecard provides everything a business needs to future-proof payroll and remote workforce management.”

Mr Huxley added, “Just because employees are expected to work from their homes or out in the field, shouldn’t mean that businesses need worry about poor performance. Our unique and innovative solutions give managers everything they need to monitor staff efficiency while allowing staff space to thrive in their role and feel empowered.”

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