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The Caribbean Wants Travelers to Know It’s Open for Business

Ahki – An Indigenous Company Connecting You To News Jobs And Content!  The Caribbean Wants Travelers to Know It’s Open for Business After the Hurricanes- More than 90 percent of

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Top Social Networking Sites And Apps

Top Social Networking Sites And Apps Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ YouTube Instagram Pinterest Tumblr Snapchat Reddit Shots Periscope Medium SoundCloud Tinder WhatsApp Slack Top Social Networking Sites And Apps  

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Halibut Fishermen Accuse Global News of Irresponsible Journalism

BC Halibut Fishermen Accuse Global News of Irresponsible Journalism – “Global NEWS’ May 5th reporting on Canada’s Pacific commercial halibut fishery was irresponsible fake news, says Chris Sporer, Executive Manager

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Petronas Subsidiary Failed To Get Regulatory Approval Before Building Dams In BC

Petronas Subsidiary Failed To Get Regulatory Approval Before Building Dams In BC – A subsidiary of Malaysian state-owned Petronas, the company behind a massive Liquefied Natural Gas plant proposal near

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Transporting US Currency In Excess of $10,000 Report It To CBP

U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Office of Field Operations (OFO) highly recommends passengers who are transporting currency in excess of $10,000, to make a report to CBP. The transport

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What Is Open Source And Why Is IEEE Standards Association Involved?

The IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) is exhibiting at OSCON 2017 in Austin, Texas, 10-11 May 2017. Stop by Booth 207 to learn about the role that open source plays in

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Twitter Announces New Premium Content Deals For Its Social Media

Twitter, the first place to see what’s happening, unveiled a robust slate of new premium live streaming content deals across sports, news and entertainment this evening at its first-ever Digital

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China’s Five jobs As Most Likely To Be Best Paying Occupations Next Five Years And Beyond

Five jobs in have been identified as those most likely to be the best-paying occupations over the next five years and beyond. The upcoming five-year plan approved by the Central

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CPP Expansion May Not Be Quick And What You Expect

The province sees those between 25 and 45 as the ones who would benefit the most, and these people will likely be working for small- and medium-sized enterprises. The pay

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Ten Million Indians With Graduate And Technical Degrees Were Unemployed

New Delhi – Ten million Indians with graduate, post-graduate and technical degrees were unemployed, meaning 15 per cent of all Indians with the highest levels of education were seeking a

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Manitoba Experienced Strong Job Growth For Third Consecutive Month

According to Statistics Canada, Manitoba experienced strong job growth for the third consecutive month and now has the lowest unemployment rate in the country, Finance Minister Greg Dewar announced. “This

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US Unemployment Rate And Number of Unemployed Persons Essentially Unchanged

Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 271,000 in October, and the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 5.0 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Job gains occurred in

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Canada’s Labour Force Ballooned By 44,400 Net Jobs In October

Canada’s labour force ballooned by 44,400 net jobs last month thanks to a surge in temporary public-administration work likely generated

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Ontario’s Economy Continues To Create Jobs

Ontario’s economy continues to create jobs, with 29,200 jobs added in October in the midst of a challenging global economy.

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Ontario Invests $27 Million In Youth Entrepreneurship

Ontario Invests $27M in Youth Entrepreneurship – Ontario is helping young people across the province create the next wave of

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Opportunities For Apprentices Don’t Stop At Traditional Construction Trades

Opportunities for apprentices don’t stop at the traditional construction trades. Through the Industry Training Authority (ITA) Red Seal Programme, British

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Job Skills Training Will Provide Access To Sustainable Employment For Members of Moricetown Band

A series of new community-based job skills training courses will provide greater access to sustainable employment for members of the

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Alberta Government Reinstates And Expands Student Employment Program

Students will soon be able to access more job opportunities as government brings back the Summer Temporary Employment Program (STEP).

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Funding for Aboriginal skills training on Lower Mainland

Funding for Aboriginal skills training on Lower Mainland – The British Columbia government is investing $2.7 million to ensure more

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$3.4 Million Enhances Work Experience Through Job Creation

$3.4 Million Enhances Work Experience through Job Creation – The Provincial Government has completed the final round of Job Creation

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Nunavut Tunngavik Incorporated Establishes Nunavut Inuit Training Corporation

Nunavut Tunngavik President Cathy Towtongie and Nunavut Premier Peter Taptuna announced the establishment of the Nunavut Inuit Training Corporation. The

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Nova Scotia Government Working To Keep Young People Safe On The Job

Government is working to keep young people safe on the job. – Last week occupational health and safety officers conducted

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YES! Winnipeg Aims To Bring 4,500 Jobs To City In Five Years

Economic Development Winnipeg’s YES! Winnipeg aims to bring 4,500 new jobs to the city in the next five years with

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New Training Program To Help Reduce Manitoba Workplace Injuries At Personal Care Homes

A new training program for personal care home staff on lifting and transferring residents will support event better care for

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Canada’s Job Numbers Point To Urgent Need For Government To Prioritize Support For Industry

Statistics Canada’s job numbers for September point to the urgent need for a new government that will prioritize support for

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Small Businesses Failing To Train Staff To Identify & Dispose of Confidential Information

Small businesses in the UK are failing to train staff on how to correctly identify and dispose of confidential information

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ABC Life Literacy Canada Announces Strategic Partnerships to Improve Workplace Training

ABC Life Literacy Canada Announces Strategic Partnerships to Improve Workplace Training Through UP Initiative – Organizations Collaborate to Advance Canadians’

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Measures Introduced To Improve Yukon Nominee Program

Whitehorse — The Department of Education is introducing changes to the Yukon Nominee Program that will provide greater flexibility to

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Low Cost Evidence Based Training Proven To Lower Stress Improve Health

VANCOUVER – Canada’s Healthy Workplace Month kicks off on October 1st and Dr. Geoffrey Soloway says organizations should be looking

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Technological Advancements Will See Employees Frequently Work from Home By 2022

60% of Employees to Frequently Work from Home by 2022 – According to a recent Virgin Media Business report, technological advancements will see over half of office-based employees regularly working

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