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Ontario Projected To Create 300,000 Jobs By End of 2019

Ontario’s economy continued to show signs of strength – Ontario’s economy continued to show signs of strength, adding 13,900 jobs in March. More than 600,000 jobs have been created since

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South Africa Trade Unions Concerned Impact Drought Will Have On Economy And Jobs

South Africa Trade Unions Noted Concerns Impact Of The Ongoing Drought Will Have On The Economy And Jobs – The Congress of South African Trade Unions has noted the concerning

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Why The US Economy Needs More Construction Jobs

Why The Economy Needs More Construction Jobs – The economy has added about a million construction jobs in the past few years, but the number remains far below the pre-recession

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Ontario’s Economy Continues To Create Jobs

Ontario’s economy continues to create jobs, with 29,200 jobs added in October in the midst of a challenging global economy. This brings the total increase in employment since the recessionary

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Lowest Unemployment Rate in the Country for Two Straight Years

In September 2015, Saskatchewan’s unemployment rate was 5.1 per cent (seasonally adjusted), marking two consecutive years the province has had the lowest unemployment rate among the provinces. The national unemployment

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Uprooting migrants is bad for workers and economy

Uprooting migrants is bad for workers and economy – Migrant workers and advocates across Canada have formed a joint campaign to urge the Federal government and opposition parties to change

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Helps to Increase Participation of Urban Aboriginal People in the Northern Manitoba Economy

The Honourable Shelly Glover, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, on behalf of the Honourable Bernard Valcourt, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development, today announced support for the

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British Columbia Economy Losing Billions Due to Skills Shortage

British Columbia is losing out on as much as $4.7 billion in economic activity and $616 million in provincial tax revenues annually because too few residents have the education and

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