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Pow Wow Rules

General Pow Wow Rules And Regulations

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A Pow Wow is a sacred cultural activity and many newcomers to a Pow Wow don’t always understand the meaning and importance of the event. Below is a list of what to be aware of during the ceremony.

These are fairly general rules and will apply to any Pow Wow event regardless of the Nation.

Follow these rules whenever possible.

Allow Elders and disable people to sit in areas designed for them, with a family member or companion.

Allow dancers to be on the benches/chairs immediately surrounding the dance area.

Honour songs should be respected standing and removing hats without Eagle feathers is appreciated.

Please do not stand in front of others, this shows respect for others.

Please take direction from the MC and Pow Wow Elder.

Requests or direction is taken to the MC or Pow Wow Committee.

The Grand Entry is considered sacred; drugs or alcohol is not acceptable.

Appropriate clothing is mandatory in the dance area and throughout the Pow Wow grounds.

Pets are not permitted on the grounds. Unless they are seeing eye dogs.

A women who is on her time is not allowed in the dance area.

During Grand Entry, everyone stands as the Eagle Staff, the flags and the dancers enter.

The Master of Ceremonies will announce other events that require standing as a gesture of respect.

Consider the privacy of the participants.

Certain dances and ceremonies are not to be recorded or photographed.

Do not touch the dancers’ regalia. These have special meanings and the handmade regalia, which are cherished and respected.

Feel free to join in the intertribal dancing.

The Master of Ceremonies will announce these dances and invite all to join.

No drugs or alcohol are allowed at Powwows.

Remember to bring your lawn chairs, sun block and a good appetite.

The drum arbor or drum pit is designated for drummers and singers only.

Please, keep the Pow Wow ground clean.

Caring for Mother Earth is a very important teaching for everyone.

Please respect our grandfather rock, do not sit on him.

*Please note * that every nation is unique, please consult with the Pow wow Committee.

These rules are a guideline for most pow wows around.

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