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Open Letter To Potential Ring of Fire Investors At China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group

Open Letter To Potential Ring of Fire Investors At China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group

Eric Magiskan
PO Box 68
​#3 – Highway 643​
Aroland First Nation, Ontario
Treaty 9, Canada

May 5, 2017

China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Ltd.
Railway Design Building
No.2 XiYing Road
Xi’an P. R. China
Postcode: 710043

RE: Ring of Fire – China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group – KWG Resources

Dear Sir & Madam

I write to your company and executives in relation to the recent developments in Treaty 9 with regards to the Ring of Fire Portfolio that include KWG Resources and Martin Falls First Nation. Not only do I find the recent partnership, negotiations and consulting process inadequate and a failure, I find the recent request for your company to entertain a delegation that was organized be cancelled​ with these companies until all negotiations are finalized in Treaty 9 and all agreements are in place before considering this financial matter.

I must also ask that no financial guarantees or backing be given to Martin Falls or KWG Resources as the partnership is “envisaged” to only include the Aroland First Nation and Webequie First Nations as well as other remote members of the Matawa Council of First Nations and will cause great concern in the future through litigation and legal challenges. Not only has the following companies Noront Resources Ltd., Fancamp Exploration Ltd., Bold Ventures Inc. and Probe Metals Inc played small roles in these Indigenous communities through meetings or presentations they continue to date fail First Nation parties under laws of the Canadian Government to provided timely and adequate information on all details of what governments, companies and individuals are doing OR who are associated with the Ring of Fire portfolio. I also as shareholder, a member of Aroland First Nation and an Indigenous business owner​ who is​ situated within the projects proximity must caution China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Ltd. that these meetings and conclusions will result in failure and potentially be enshrined in ligation from outside parties and other interest holders who are not now involved.​

As a company you cannot allow these ​two businesses to negotiate on false pretenses and you cannot leave ​community members, business owners, ​​potential employees and youth behind and ignore​ them​​ in this manner or fashion. Until all obligations are met and all First Nations have signed agreements and are not only envisaged in them I hope that China Railway First Survey and Design Institute Group Ltd. dismiss this recent request to be an invested partner i​n​ the Ring of Fire project. I​ ​kindly thank you as a business owner, shareholder in all companies in The Ring of Fire and a member of Aroland First Nation for reading my letter and hope that you will agree with my request and cancel all planed future meetings and delegations until concrete signed agreement are in place and all interest holders have proper legal binding agreements .

If you have any question or concerns you may email me at or calling 1-866-519-7136.


Eric Magiskan
The Ahki Team





RE:火环 – 中国铁路第一勘察设计研究院集团 – KWG资源



我还必须要求,不要为马丁瀑布或科威特资源提供任何财政担保或支持,因为“设想”的伙伴关系只包括阿罗兰第一国和Webequie First Nations以及Matawa第一民族理事会的其他偏远成员,未来通过诉讼和法律挑战将引起极大的关注。以下公司不仅有以下公司Noront Resources Ltd.,Fancamp Exploration Ltd.,Bold Ventures Inc.和Probe Metals Inc在这些土着社区通过会议或演示文稿发挥了不小的作用,他们继续至今未能根据加拿大政府的法律,提供了关于政府,公司和个人正在做什么的所有细节的及时充分的信息,这些信息与“戒指”组合相关联。作为股东,位于项目邻近范围内的阿罗兰第一国家和土着企业所有者的成员中国铁路第一勘察设计研究院集团有限公司认为,这些会议和结论将导致失败,并可能会被外部当事方和其他未被引用的利益攸关者的结合。

作为一家公司,你不能允许这两个商业虚伪的谈判,你不能离开社区成员,企业主,潜在的员工和青年,忽视他 以这种方式。在所有义务得到满足之前,所有的原住民都签署了协议,在协议中并没有设想,我希望中铁第一勘察设计研究院集团有限公司驳回这个最近在“火环”项目中被投资的合伙人的要求。我衷心感谢你作为业主,火戒所有公司的股东和阿罗兰第一民族的成员阅读我的信,希望您能同意我的要求,并取消所有计划中的未来会议和代表团,直到具体签署的协议已到位,所有利益相关者均有适当的法律约束力协议。




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