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Open Letter To Aroland First Nation 242 – Noront Resources Failure To Collaborate With Aroland Businesses

Open Letter To Aroland First Nation 242 July 11, 2019 – Noront Resources Ltd Failure To Collaborate With Aroland Businesses.

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Mr. Eric J. Magiskan
#3 – Highway 643
Aroland First Nation, Ontario
Treaty 9 – Nishnawbe Territory
Canada P0T 1B0

July 11, 2019

Noront Resources Ltd.
212 King Street West, Suite 501*
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5H 1K5
Fax: 416-367-5444

Re: Noront Resources Ltd Failure To Collaborate With Aroland Businesses

Alan Coutts,

I write to you, your company, board of directors and the shareholders of Noront Resources Ltd to state my disapproval and the disgust I have of your company’s ignorance and for purposely refusing to engage or utilize Aroland First Nation businesses.

I also find your companies actions and its behavior of engaging in gossip of Aroland First Nation band members with my elected chief and council unprofessional and disrespectful and it shows what poor judgement you as a person has and carries as a leader of the company you run. Your poor choices in the past also to not utilize national and successful businesses have shown how you will be treated and the repercussions and penalties you will receive if you do not agree to your companies terms or its agenda just as my company has since you have started coming to my community 10 years ago as you push with a lack of success, your project because of your incompetence, lack of judgement and unprofessionalism. Not only are Aroland band members entitled to their opinions be them negatively or positive you as a CEO has no right to look down upon any first nation band member within Canada or their businesses.

As a successful Aroland First Nation business with over 870 clients that range from lawyers, consultants, recruiters and everyday mom and pop enterprises that are true leaders when utilizing aboriginal businesses and seeking First Nation, Inuit or Metis employees in Canada I have come to the conclusion you’re not that man or that company and nor are your shareholders. I’m disgusted with you, our chief and council and Noront Resources Ltd for the behaviors displayed and the way your management engages in when trying to push the Ring of Fire project when meeting with representatives of my nation. I sincerely do believe that your shameful and only come to my nation to get what your company wants and with that mentality and an individual of Aroland I am recommending you be trespassed from our nation for your unprofessionalism and absolute ignorance to our people, businesses and future generations.


Eric J. Magiskan
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By Waabishkaawewe Eric J. Magiskan Aroland’s Straight Truthful Indigenous Ojibwa Entrepreneur Interested In Money Business Reality IT & Music With Views That Aren’t Yours!!

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