Open Letter To Aroland’s First Nation 242 Chief & Council With Regards To Ongoing Violence

Open Letter To Aroland’s First Nation 242 Chief & Council With Regards To Ongoing Violence & Your Continued Weak Leadership In Aroland First Nation.

April 21, 2019

Aroland First Nation
Chief & Council
Highway 643
Aroland First Nation 242
P0T 2H0 – Treaty 9
Nishnawbe-Aski Nation Territory

Re – Aroland First Nation Chief & Councils Resignations – April 21, 2019

Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you as a concerned band member of Aroland First Nation to the damage that your council has inflicted and the lack of leadership you have shown and damage your councils decisions has caused to current band members & its families.

As a band member that your chief and council has used and approved the use of violence and threats against my person and my lively hood regularly within our nation, I must write to our nations office to put official publicly my anger and the lost of trust in your government and your leadership skills to protect the safety of the individuals and their property in our nation especially with the recent violent death this weekend that has occurred.

Not only has your past and current behaviors and violent tendencies, ignorance, deceit and in action as elected individuals in my own personal and business affairs have shown the length your council will go to hide and silence an individual in our community, yours actions and behaviors have become the status quo among our band members and nations daily lives.

I am positive your inability to take action as leaders with regards to the on-going violence, drugs, drunks and deviance along with protecting your own family members, you have failed to provide a safe and protective environment for our community members and has significantly impacted our nations public trust in your leadership and government.

Without shame and as individuals you have taken our community in the wrong direction and caused irreparable harm, despair and negative consequences to members of this nation over and over again. Your fascination most importantly to make politically and public excuses and find blame in other people and in our own community members is shameful and to reprimand individuals negatively and to ignore band members who bring to light the people who part take in illicit activities and who bring to public the truth about the current state of our nation for your own protection is selfish and arrogant.

Most concerning as an individual of our nation who has been affected by your violence and threats and with the recent violent death in our community, I feel your council and our government is no longer fit or responsible enough to govern or protect our nation further from violence and that the public trust has been lost in your ability to provide a safe environment in our nation for individuals, our youth and the current residents of Aroland First Nation who wish to live a free, fulfilling and engaging lifestyle away from violence and drugs.

Therefore as a Aroland Band member I ask for the chief and council resignations immediately.

Thank you for your time.


Mr. E.J. Magiskan – Waabishkaawewe

http://TheMeBrand.ca By Waabishkaawewe – EJ Magiskan Aroland’s Straight Thinking Truthful Indigenous Ojibwa Entrepreneur Interested In Money Business Reality IT & Music With Views That Aren’t Yours!

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