Nuna Group of Companies

Nuna Group of Companies – Nuna is an Inuit Owned Aboriginal company with a track record of over 20 years of safe, successful major project delivery.

Nuna’s vision is to be the premier northern provider of value adding mining and construction services while fostering sustainable Inuit, First Nation and Métis opportunities.

The hiring and training of Inuit, First Nation, Métis and local people has been a focus of Nuna’s resulting in the Company having, among owners and contractors, the highest percentage of local residents working on projects in which Nuna is involved.

Our ongoing education programs and training opportunities will allow the labour source not only to grow, but to advance to provide proficient operations managers in the future. Nuna’s workforce at various times exceeds 600 people working on various projects in Canada’s Remote North.

Nuna has succeeded in employing in excess of 55% northern staff on its operations over the past several years.

More Information

Nuna Group of Companies
9839 – 31 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
T6N 1C5, Canada

Email: jamiem@nunalogistics.com
Phone: (780) 434-9114
Web: http://www.nunalogistics.com


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