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New training and certification program to better equip youth with the skills needed for a career

Investment for a project with Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME). The project will pilot a new training and certification program to better equip youth with the skills needed for a career in advanced manufacturing.

CME will recruit 40 second-year college and university students to work at Siemens Canada while going to school. Both CME and Siemens will work with participating colleges and universities to better align curricula with the specific skills needs of the labour market, so that graduates are equipped with the skills employers need.

This new and innovative training model will adapt key elements of the successful German youth skills development model, where students complete their training at both companies and schools at the same time. The model aims to encourage employers to recruit workers at an earlier age to take an active role in their training.

This project is being funded by the Government of Canada’s Sectoral Initiatives Program, which aims to address current and future skills shortages. By encouraging collaboration between employers and post-secondary education institutions, we can ensure that Canadians get the education and skills they need to succeed in today’s job market and prepare for the economy of tomorrow. Budget 2015 announced further investment to business and industry associations to allow them to work with willing post-secondary institutions to better align their programs with the needs of employers.

At today’s event, Minister Gosal also highlighted the importance of measures that the Government is introducing to help families prosper. These measures include enhancements to the Universal Child Care Benefit (UCCB), the introduction of the Family Tax Cut and improvements to the Child Care Expenses Deduction and the Children’s Fitness Tax Credit.

Quick Facts

The manufacturing industry directly employs 1.8 million Canadians, accounts for 10 percent of Canada’s gross domestic product and represents 80 percent of the country’s goods and services exports (2014 figures).

Manufacturing is essential to Canada’s economic prosperity. Manufactured goods and associated services are used in almost every other industry, including oil and gas production, mining, construction, aerospace and transportation, agriculture, tourism and retail.

The Sectoral Initiatives Program aims to address current and future skills shortages by supporting the development, distribution and use of labour market information, national occupational standards and skills certification and accreditation programs.

The UCCB would increase to up to $1,920 per year for children under the age of 6, and parents would receive a benefit of up to $720 per year for each child aged 6 through 17.

The proposed enhancements to the UCCB would provide $160 per month for each child under the age of 6, and $60 per month for each child aged 6 through 17.


“Our Government’s top priorities are creating jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity. This project will help youth develop the skills Canadian employers are looking for, while providing the manufacturing sector with the workers it needs to support growth and innovation.”

The Honourable Bal Gosal
Member of Parliament for Bramalea–Gore–Malton

“Empowering students to learn hands-on manufacturing skills and the most advanced manufacturing technologies not only equips our manufacturing workforce of tomorrow, it strengthens the overall competitiveness of Canadian manufacturing and Canada’s economy. Our partnership with Siemens Canada will provide opportunities for 40 students to gain insights and practical experience in a world-class manufacturing environment. This is the future of education.”

Jayson Myers
President and CEO, Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters




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