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My Nomination & Reasons For My Political Candidates For Aroland’s Next Chief And Council!

My Nomination & Reasons For My Political Candidates For Aroland’s Next Chief And Council!

So I was debating and reasoning to why and who I wanted to nominate in the upcoming Aroland Elections & Nominations Process for our next chief and council!

So this is what I had come up with so far.

I stand here to make a nomination for our chief and council. I would like to nominate an individual who is a known drug dealer in our community and is connected to the drug trade and supports drug addictions in our community by the lack of action they have taken, a person who hides and uses their families members violence and intimidation to silence their band-members when criticized or questioned on their authority, an individual who makes up bylaws and new rules to satisfy their own wants and desperate need to silence people, an individual who threatens to throw individuals out of the community because they can’t handle criticism, an individual who accuses band members of wanting to kill or hurt children or committing criminal acts, an individual who promotes hatred and ignorance of our community members, an individual who engages in gossip and lies about our community members within the band office walls and council meetings, an individual who interferes, engages and lies about people’s personal and private lives to the community while engaged in their political duties, an individual who lies about our community members and than hides behind our corrupt police and lawyers when they get offended, an individual who sues our band members for their free speech and their personal, and political values and opinions, an individual who calls police, writes letters full of lies to police and judges that are fabricated to get band members into trouble or to hide the truth about the violence, intimidation in our community, an individual who protects druggies and drug dealers in their family, an individual who doesn’t support business owners in our community, an individual who withholds treaty benefits and entitlements, an individual that shares confidential correspondence with known drug dealers and addicts, an individual who supports only their family members and overlooks their abuses of our band resources and political system through nepotism and favoritism, an individual who is not accountable to our community members for the decisions they make, an individual who has chosen to be vindictive, callous and a dictator who tries to control band members lives and actions through threats no matter the damage they cause and resources they waste to get back at you.

But most importantly I want to make this nomination for this individual so that they can blame us as bandmembers for their own lack of leadership, their lack of education and their lack in ability to lead this nation, an individual who lies to people about what they do what they say and who they are and an individual who blames everyone else for their own issues, their family addictions and most devastating an individual who hides behind a political position and cannot confront their own misgivings, faults and abuses they bring to our nation and to the community members who reside in Aroland.

So today I nominate the most pathetic and worst politicians that Aroland First Nation has to offer and that I have ever seen, listened to and looked at in Aroland First Nation in my lifetime as a band member and treaty beneficiary.

Thank you and I wish my Nominee’s the best in their duties in the next two years. By Waabishkaawewe Eric Magiskan Aroland’s Straight Truthful Indigenous Ojibwa Entrepreneur Interested In Money Business Reality IT & Music With Views That Aren’t Yours!

Greenstone Beardmore Geraldton Longlac Nakina Ontario Thunder Bay Matawa Canada

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