McGill University Pow Wow

First Peoples House
McGill University Pow Wow
Montreal, Quebec

First Peoples’ House invites the community to join in the celebration for our Annual Pow Wow.

Elder To Be Announced
Head Female Dancer To Be Announced
Head Male Dancer To Be Announced
Host Drum To Be Announced
Co-Host Drum To Be Announced
Throat Singers To Be Announced
Arena Director To Be Announced
Master of Ceremonies To Be Announced

More Information:

Department and University Information
Office of the Dean of Students
William Mary Brown Student Services Building
3600 McTavish, Suite 4100
Montreal, Quebec H3A 0G3
Tel.: 514.398.4990
Fax: 514.398.3857

First People’s House
Phone: 514-398-3217
Email: firstpeopleshouse@mcgill.ca


Pow Wow Trail In Canada – Ahki Portal Canada – Pow Wow Listings In Canada – Pow Wows In Canada





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