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Malaysia’s indigenous hit hard by deforestation

There is a lack of information on the ground, and villages don’t know when or even if their houses will be rebuilt. The fact that many indigenous people do not own formal deeds to their land may prove to be an obstacle to receiving compensation or financial assistance to rebuild.

Mohamed Thajudeen bin Abdul Wahab, secretary of the National Security Council, the government body that oversaw the response, told Al Jazeera that the government’s response and rescue operations had kept casualty numbers low, despite many people not following the instructions to evacuate before the floodwaters rose.

Kuala Wok, Malaysia – High up in the remote mountain jungles of Malaysia’s eastern state of Kelantan, massive deforestation and the country’s worst flood in decades have left i ndigenous tribes reeling. In the village of Kuala Wok, the Temiar people’s Sewang ceremony is held to worship and seek guidance from the spirits and nature, and…




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