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Makayla Sault who refused chemotherapy dead

Makayla Sault, who refused chemotherapy for leukaemia in favour of alternative treatments, has died The decision was prompted in part by Makayla’s claim that she had seen a vision of Jesus Christ at her bedside declaring her to be cancer-free.

“I have asked my mom and dad to take me off the treatment because I don’t want to go this way any more,” Makayla said in a recorded statement last spring

Makayla Sault, the 11-year-old First Nations girl who gave up chemotherapy treatment in favour of alternative medicine, has died. Little scientific, nothing native, about U.S. treatment taken by cancer-stricken aboriginal girls “We continue to support Makayla’s choice to leave chemotherapy,” wrote Makayla’s family in a statement given to the Hagersville, Ont.,-based Two Row Times. “At this…



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