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Legal clinics get boost to help vulnerable workers

Legal clinics get boost to help vulnerable workers York Region’s legal clinic, which has the largest catchment area in Ontario and serves over a million people, will still only be receiving $10.24 in funding per low-income person even after it’s 65 per cent lift. That’s just under half the provincial average of $21.77.

“I think the reality is this is not going to completely meet the demand,” said Shalini Konanur of the South Asian Legal Clinic of Ontario, “But definitely it’s going to allow us to enhance our capacity to do that work.”

For low-income workers battling unfair bosses, there is now a little extra ammunition at hand. Legal Aid Ontario will announce a windfall of money for independent, community-based clinics on Wednesday — much of which will go to underfunded outfits in the GTA struggling to provide free legal services to precarious workers. The $3.9 million annual boost…

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