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Kahnawake Pow Wow

Kahnawake Powwow
Kahnawake, Quebec

Additional Information

General / G $ 8.00
Senior Admission $3.00
5 & Under FREE

Free Parking
Handicapped parking available
Bus parking
Handicapped & Golden Age facilities
Taxi service on site
INTERAC (withdrawals only)



1. Dancers are expected to participate in all Grand Entries (points are awarded). Failure to make Grand entry will result in loss of meal tickets for that day. (We will not be responaible for lost tickets and you will not receive any additional tickets).

2. Appropriate regalia for your category is required. Smoke Dancers must wear appropriate traditional Iroquois regalia. Failure will result in immediate disqualification. This applies to all categories.

3. Dancers must be ready when their competition category is called. Failure to be on time (or absence will result in loss of points for that session only.

4. Stopping on time is expected. Overstepping or stopping too soon will result in loss of points.

5. Dropping of regalia (or parts of) will result in loss of points for that session only.

6. Sunglasses are not an acceptable part of your regalia. Wearing tham (during inter-tribals or Grand entries and competitions) will result in loss of points.

7. ZERO TOLERANCE for alcohol and drugs. If you are under the influence you will be disqualified and escorted off the grounds. If you are camping on the site you may not return to the site after consuming alcohol.

8. No age jumping categories. Although smoke dance and pow-wow style have separate age categories, proof of age will be required to participate in either or both.

9. If there are less than two participants for any category there will be an exhibition dance and honorariums will be awarded equal to 2nd in that category. These dancers will still be expected to participate in Grand entry and Inter-tribals. Exhibition dances may be both days (time permitting).

10. Proof of Native ancestry is required as is proof of age.

11. If a dancer has a problem they may approach the head judge. All final decisions made by the head judge and pow-wow committee will be final.

12. All dancers must be in full regalia to collect prize money. NO EXCEPTIONS!

13. No whistling up drums and no specific drum requests for your competition will be honored. Drum rotation will be left up to area director.

Contact Information

PO Box 1079
Kahnawake, Qc.
J0L 1B0
Phone: 450-632-8667
Fax: 450-632-2813

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