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Johnson & Johnson Named One of Canada’s Top Employers

Johnson & Johnson Inc. Named One of Canada’s Top 100 Employers – The consumer health division of Johnson & Johnson in Canada, has been named one of Canada’s Top 100 Employers for 2016 by MediaCorp Canada Inc., acknowledging the company’s unwavering dedication to its employees and deep commitment to creating a dynamic, diversified and healthy workforce.

“We’re dedicated to the health and well-being of our employees,” said Louisa Greco, managing director of Johnson & Johnson Inc., Canada. “We’re humbled and proud that our efforts have earned us the distinction as one of Canada’s Top Employers, and we look forward to continuing to provide excellent benefits and services to our employees.”

The company received an A+ for Employee Engagement and an A in the categories of Physical Workplace, Financial Benefits & Compensation, Health & Family-Friendly Benefits and Community Involvement.

Johnson & Johnson has a long history of championing employee well-being that goes back to 1943, when former chairman Robert Wood Johnson cited a commitment to employees as a pillar of the company’s four-part Credo. In practice, this includes active support of internal mobility, universal access to all internal job postings across the global network, comprehensive health benefits and wellness initiatives, and subsidization of advanced degrees and other educational opportunities.

The company was recognized for prioritizing ongoing training and career development by managing a ‘Coffee Connections’ program, 20-minute coffee sessions that enable employees to network and receive mentoring from senior leaders.

MediaCorp also recognized Johnson & Johnson Inc. for its generous benefits and commitment to fostering a positive and flexible employee lifestyle. Maternity and paternity leaves include 100 per cent salary top-ups for 18 weeks and the company offers a number of alternative work arrangements to help employees transition into their new role as parents. Employees also have flexible work hours and receive two paid days off per year to devote to charity.

“Our employees are offered comprehensive health and wellness programs, including free access to an onsite fitness centre, ergonomic offices and standing workstations, guidance on nutrition and healthy menu options at the cafeteria, and resources for mental well-being,” said Greco. “It’s our goal to have the healthiest workforce in the country.”

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