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J&G Crafts

J&G Crafts
377 North River Rd
Redbridge, ON

We started over 12 years ago as a semi-retired couple with a bit of a project to help people in our more northern remote communities. We typically toured the Ontario and Quebec Pow Wow Trails offering our textiles, crafts and services.

Having a savvy seamstress with good knowledge and resources for textiles coupled along with the handyman who works on just about everything, we decided to expand on the textiles idea and began including our own crafts and wood works to the public as well.

Many of our projects have started either by request or an idea we decided to try out. We got in to turning out handcrafted pen sets, knives, various wood projects along with our textiles and custom made garments, accessories, not to mention our drums and whatever you need made from whatever you need it made from.

You may recognize us on some of the Pow Wows and if you do, please stop by and say hi, its always great to meet new people. We are proud supporters of building better Native communities, providing supplies and resources to people all over Canada and even overseas. We are happy that you are here so have a look around and feel free to inquire with any questions, special requests or even comments that might strike your interest.

Safe Travels, Joyce and Gary

handcrafted pen sets, knives, various wood projects, crafts, textiles

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J&G Crafts
377 North River Rd
Redbridge, ON

Phone: (705) 663-1911


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