Innu Nikamu Festival

Innu Nikamu Festival – Innu Nikamu is a unique concept.
July 30 – August 2, 2015

It is one of the most important music festivals and Aboriginal arts in North America. It is synonymous with celebration, sharing and cultural exchanges. For 30 years, it is also the meeting place for artisans, families and tourists visiting the region. This is the life of the great traditional summer gatherings. The development and recognition of this special event allowed the creation of a bridge between the nations of Quebec.

Innu Nikamu is more than 150 artists over 4 days.

During the festival, the artists succeed on stage. They are musicians, performers, composers, dancers, storytellers, rappers and elders accompanied the traditional drum. Visitors will also find on the festival website, various booths offering crafts and demonstrations of cultural skills from here and elsewhere.

Innu Nikamu, it is the memory of more than 10,000 years of history.

The music festival Innu Nikamu offers you the opportunity to get to know this unique heritage and exchange with First Nations. It is with enthusiasm that we invite you to encourage indigenous artists from here and abroad.

Innu Nikamu, despite everything, remains a chic and simple festival, where the family is honored. We would be immensely pleased to see you.

More Information

Innu Nikamu Festival
Mani-utenam, Québec
Phone: 418-927-2476
Phone: 418-927-2704
Email: festival@innunikamu.ca
Web: www.innunikamu.ca

Festival Innu Nikamu
100, rue des Montagnais, suite #101
Mani-utenam, Québec, G4R 4K2
Tél: 418 927-2476 ou 418 927-2704
Fax: 418 927-2800


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