How To Find A Job In Canada

How To Find A Job In Canada – These tips on finding a job in Canada are intended for new and potential immigrants – what types of employment exist in Canada and how to create a Canadian resume.

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There are several types of employment in Canada – two main types are permanent and contract. There are also part time, and temporary types of employment.

Full-time permanent type is a regular job with fixed working hours, usually 35-40 hours per week, from 9:am to 5:00 pm (the hours may vary). In addition to your regular salary, Canadian companies offer benefits (payment for the dentist, life and Canadian car insurance, retirement plans, unemployment insurance). Usually, the larger the company is, the benefits they offer, but it’s not always the case.

Contract of employment – if a company needs an employee for a certain period of time, from several months to several years, they usually hire them on a contract basis. When you are hired under a contract, usually you do not get any benefits from the company – all you get is a salary. Then you are supposed to pay all contributions to the funds (pension, unemployment insurance, etc.) personally.

The advantage of a contract is that companies usually pay higher salary than to its regular employees. Moreover, contract work is considered by the tax authorities as a “self-employed” and you can deduct many costs (such as gas, auto insurance, etc) from your income, and reduce the income that should be taxed.


How to Write Canadian Resume and Cover Letter

The purpose of a resume is to provide general information about your education, experience and special skills in a structural way.

When you prepare your resume in Canada, you should provide just enough information to help an employer determine the level of your professionalism, without overloading it with too many boring details and fillers.

Try to fit your resume into one page so that it covers only the last 10 years of your work experience.

Tweak your resume for every position you are applying for, and try to use the same words the employers use in their job description.

It is also very important to write a cover letter for every position. In your cover letter you should draw the attention of the employer to your skills and experience, applicable to this particular position. You should also explain why you are interested in this particular position and why you think you are the best fit.

It’s very important to write a different cover letter for every employer. You might have plenty of talentsHealth Fitness Articles, but you need to highlight those the employers are interested in. Do not forget to include your contact information!

Svetlana Rubejov is the author of Life in Toronto – a city guide for potential immigrants to the city. She covers topics essential to immigration and settling in the city.

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