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How To Become A Permanent Resident Of Canada

How To Become A Permanent Resident Of Canada – Canada immigration is at an all-time high now. There is a simplified program called the Express Entry under which candidates can migrate to this country.

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There are three categories under the Express Entry process which are:

Federal skilled worker program: This category is only applicable to those people who have work experience in 10 years prior to making an application under this immigration Canada profile. The work experience should be at the different NOC levels of 0, A and B.

The experience in this category should be of the duration of 1560 hours which amounts to 30 hours in a week for a year.

The work done during such duration must strictly correlate with the job type and skill levels (0,A and B) of the NOC classification.

There are also minimum levels of language proficiency requirements which have to be met for this Canadian immigration category. A candidate needs to get a score of at least 7 in all the bands of speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Immigration Canada is also possible under the Federal skilled Trades category under which candidates can get points for their qualifications in a particular skilled trade. But this Canada immigration category is not eligible for those candidates who want to migrate to Quebec because this province has its own rules for immigration.

It’s also important to have an offer letter for a job for one year in the concerned skilled trade or the certification letter in the concerned skilled trade from the province to which you are applying for immigration. The prospective candidate should also have a work experience of 30 hours in a week totaling 1560 hours for a period of 5 years before making the application.

The next category for Canada immigration under the Express Entry is Canada Express class. The eligible candidate should have experience in Canada for a period of complete 12 months in the three years prior to making the application. It’s important for the candidates to note that any self-employment experience does not count as any experience under this category.

Also, any experience you have gained as a student during your education in this country can’t be stated in this visa application as experience.

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