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How To Hire A Foreign Domestic Worker In Singapore

How To Hire A Foreign Domestic Worker In Singapore – For most busy local and expatriate families living in Singapore, a small prosperous country in South East Asia, many may consider hiring a full-time maid in Singapore or a part-time cleaner. This is not an easy decision to take, though. It is important to be sure that you can handle a foreign worker who may not be comfortable or even aware of the way of life and laws of Singapore.

After thinking and feeling that you really need full-time domestic help, the next step is to choose a trusted maid agency and to get one either via Maid Agency in Singapore or try looking up on the Ministry of Manpower website for list licensed maid agency.

Through a Licensed Maid Employment Agency

Whenever possible, the advisable option to take is to contact a licensed maid employment agency. With a legitimate agency, you do not have to worry about the details of the requirement of legally hiring a maid in Singapore. Even though you need to participate in meeting the requirements as required by the Ministry of Manpower, a licensed agency will ensure that all documents are ready and that you do not miss a step and waste valuable time. Maid agencies also offer additional resources to employers whenever a worker performance is unsatisfactory and an agency can provide invaluable advice and assist in mediating the situation for a positive outcome.

One of the established and reputable Maid Agency in Singapore with over 30 years of experience that comes to mind to many will be Universal Employment Agency Pte Ltd and they can be reached at via their website or through their facebook page

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