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As part of the government’s continuing support of our men and women in uniform, the Honourable Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, announced that Transport Canada is participating in the Canada Company Military Employment Transition (MET) Program.

MET is a collaborative initiative between Canada Company, the Department of National Defence (DND) and Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) that supports the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and Veterans transitioning to civilian careers.

On July 1, 2015, Transport Canada launched its participation in the MET program with a career opportunities landing page on the MET Program website. This page is available to 3,800 CAF members and Veterans registered within the MET Program. This is a unique opportunity for CAF members and Veterans who have a wide variety of specialized skills that meet the requirements of some Transport Canada positions. With Transport Canada presently facing challenges in recruiting seafarers due to shortages in the industry, for example, the MET is a valuable tool to help fill naval architecture and electrical engineering positions within the department’s Marine Safety and Security group.

This a pilot program for the department with the opportunity to expand participation more broadly throughout Transport Canada’s programs.

Quick Facts

Canada Company is a charitable organization that serves to build the bridge between business and community leaders and the Canadian Military.
The Canada Company Military Employment Transition (MET) Program is an initiative developed to assist Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members, Reservists, and Veterans who are transitioning out of the military to obtain employment in the civilian workforce. The program serves as a bridge between the CAF and Canada Company’s “Military Friendly Employer Partners”.
Since the MET program started in 2012, more than 1,000 CAF members and Veterans have been hired in the private industry.
Transport Canada is the first federal government department to work in partnership with DND and VAC to hire retired Canadian Armed Forces Veterans as part of the MET Program.


“I am pleased that Transport Canada is participating in the Canada Company Military Employment Transition Program. This program provides an excellent option for matching the skills of the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces with the department’s employment opportunities.”

Honourable Lisa Raitt
Minister of Transport

“I’m glad to see Transport Canada participating in a program that will make life easier for those who’ve admirably served their country and are now transitioning to life outside the Canadian Armed Forces. I know our military members are highly skilled, and I look forward to seeing some of those moving towards civilian life serve Canada in a new capacity.”

Honourable Jason Kenney
Minister of National Defence

“The MET Program run by Canada Company is one of several excellent avenues for Veterans exploring engaging employment options after service. It is great that Transport Canada joins the 100-plus private and public sector organizations taking part in the MET Program.”

Honourable Erin O’Toole
Minister of Veterans Affairs

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