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Health eCareers Predicts US Healthcare Jobs Growth in 2017

A comprehensive report issued by Health eCareers™, the healthcare industry’s career hub, showed continued good news for healthcare workers of all types and across all sectors. The 2016 Healthcare Jobs Snapshot showed job postings on Health eCareers increased 23 percent in 2016 compared to 2015. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that U.S. employers created nearly 400,000 new healthcare positions last year.

This unprecedented growth is predicted to continue in 2017 and for the foreseeable future. According to data from the 2016 Healthcare Jobs Snapshot, more than half of America’s healthcare employers and recruiters plan to hire more healthcare professionals in the first six months of 2017 than they did in the last half of 2016. And, nearly 80 percent said that layoffs at their organizations are “unlikely” the first half of 2017.

The analysis of more than 225,000 healthcare and medical job postings placed by 6,377 hospitals and healthcare organizations on Health eCareers during 2016 also reveals other encouraging trends such as the physician specialties with the most growth, the top 10 most in-demand non-physician positions, and other notable growth spots within the industry.

The Physician Specialties with the Most Growth

A whopping 53 percent of job postings on Health eCareers in 2016 were for physicians and surgeons, a 20 percent increase over 2015. Under the physician heading, the specialties with the most growth were Family Medicine, OB/GYN, and Gastroenterology. In today’s highly competitive market, healthcare organizations are also adding a number of incentives to their physician contracts. According to the report, health, malpractice, and disability insurance are the three most common physician-recruitment incentives, although relocation expenses and signing bonuses are becoming more common as well.

The Top 10 Most In-Demand Non-Physician Positions

Nurses, Nurse Practitioners (NPs) and Physician Assistants (PAs) accounted for 31 percent of job postings on Health eCareers in 2016, with employers advertising more than 70,000 positions for these roles. Within Nursing, 75 percent of postings were for Registered Nurses, with General Medical/Surgical and Emergency Room Nurses being most in demand. Family Medicine topped the list for both PAs and NPs. The report concluded that, since U.S. states are easing practice laws for PAs and NPs, patients can expect more access to them in the future, along with expanded telemedicine options.

Other Notable Growth Spots

Physicians and nurses are not the only healthcare occupations enjoying continued growth. U.S. News and World Report recently ranked the top 100 jobs for 2017 and discovered that 21 of the top 25 spots (including the top three) belong to healthcare-related positions. Dentist, NP and PA are the top three; other top-25 healthcare positions include: Nurse Anesthetist (#6), Pediatrician (#7), Optometrist (#11), Midwife (#15), Registered Nurse (#22) and Occupational Therapist (#23).

Conclusion – Although Physician/Surgeon and Nursing positions continue to account for the majority of job postings on Health eCareers, all job seekers within the wide-ranging field of healthcare can be optimistic about 2017 and beyond.

For more information on healthcare job trends, download the full 2016 Healthcare Jobs Snapshot.

About the Survey – The Health eCareers 2016 Healthcare Jobs Snapshot is based on data collected from the Health eCareers online database of job openings, which are placed by healthcare employers and recruiters all across the U.S. Data was collected from January 1 to December 31, 2016, and encompasses 225,529 healthcare and medical job postings placed by 6,377 hospital and healthcare organizations. These organizations range from large health systems to single-specialty practices, with an average hospital size of 300 beds.

Healthcare is all about connection, and Health eCareers is the healthcare industry’s career hub for professionals, employers and associations. With a network of more than 2.4 million job seekers, thousands of healthcare employers and more than 100 exclusive association partners, Health eCareers is designed to match qualified healthcare professionals – from physicians and nurses to non-clinical staff – with medical providers looking for top talent. And with the addition of SHIFT, Health eCareers has also become the destination to find temporary healthcare work. But Health eCareers is more than just a place to look for your next job — it’s a resource to help you advance your career at every stage. That’s why Health eCareers also includes industry news and career advice targeted to your healthcare specialty. For employers, Health eCareers offers innovative recruiting tools and services and healthcare hiring data that you won’t find anywhere else.

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