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First Nations Financial Transparency Act: median salary for a chief is $60,000

The data includes salary and honorarium information for 647 chiefs, which is greater than the number of First Nations communities that submitted the information because some chiefs either began or finished their time in office during the fiscal year.

Pro-rating the salaries and honorarium so that chiefs who served during only part of the year can be compared to those who were there the entire year puts the median annual salary at $64,697.
The government has imposed sanctions on First Nations that have yet to comply with the Financial Transparency Act.

OTTAWA—Call him the zero-dollar chief. Randy Porter is the chief of Bonaparte Indian Band, a small community about 80 kilometres west of Kamloops, B.C., and he collects nothing — no salary, no honorarium, not even any travel expenses — in exchange for his elected duties. “That was my choice. It’s just my way of putting back,…





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