FDR Pow Wow

FDR Pow Wow
FDR State Park
2957 Crompond Rd
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

FDR Pow Wow is a full contest Pow Wow attracting over 500 Native American artists, educators, singers, dancers and performing groups from across the Americas. Over 40 artist booths selling crafts, jewelry, food and more. Finals of the North Eastern Pow Wow Championship dance Series. Other highlights of the event include authentic cuisine: buffalo burgers, venison stew and corn soup. Visitors can interact with representatives from tribes of the Lakota, Navajo, Mohawk, Seneca, Cherokee, Aztec, Mayan, Samoan, Hawaiian and many more. There is a live bird of prey exhibit, pony rides and tipi raising.

No alcohol or drugs, no outside food, drinks, ice or coolers will be allowed on the premises.

General Details

Annual Traditional Pow Wow:
Competitor Pow Wow:
Sunrise Ceremony: To Be Announced
Feast: To Be Announced
Admission: To Be Announced
Grand Entry: To Be Announced
Host Drum: To Be Announced
Co-Host Drum: To Be Announced
Invited: To Be Announced
MC: To Be Announced
Arena Director: To Be Announced
Elder/Grandmother: To Be Announced
Head Veteran: To Be Announced
Head Adult Male Dancer: To Be Announced
Head Adult Female Dancer: To Be Announced
Head Youth Male Dancer: To Be Announced
Head Youth Female Dancer: To Be Announced
Invited Dancer: To Be Announced
Specials: To Be Announced
Singer Special: To Be Announced
Beaded Bag Special: To Be Announced
Daily Honorariums: To Be Announced
Food Vendors: To Be Announced
Traders: Authentic Native & Anishnaabe Traders Welcome
Craft Vendors:To Be Announced
Food Vendors: To Be Announced
Dancers and Drums Welcome: To Be Announced

More Information

Redhawk Native American Arts Council
New York City Headquarters
1022 39th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11219

Phone: 718.686.9297
Phone: 619-443-6612
Fax: 619-443-0681
Email: native@redhawkcouncil.org
Web: http://redhawkcouncil.org


FDR Pow Wow

FDR Pow Wow



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