Eric J. Magiskan – Criminal Matters – A Me Brand Press Release June 10, 2019

June 10, 2019

Re – Eric J Magiskan – Criminal Matters – A Me Brand Press Release June 10, 2019

I would like to thank my creator, the justice system, the crown attorney, the judges presiding over my case and my legal counsel Richard J. Garrett and his legal team at Bird & Thatcher, Associate in Thunder Bay Ontario for todays positive court decision.

I am satisfied with the solution of my criminal matter and having all these serious allegations and charges dismissed by the justice system and the criminal courts. Even though these exaggerations by Aroland First Nation band members had an impact on my personal and business affairs, I am still confident and have faith that our justice system still has the outstanding ability to do what is right in people’s lives and do not pursue or convict people on hate mongering, gossip or first nations’ leaders misguided political agendas. I will in the future contemplate taking proper legal recourse against these individuals and Aroland First Nation’s dictator Chief and Council for their slanderous words, actions and political interference in my private, personal and business matters on Canadian soil and also my criminal matters to push their own political agenda without accountability to our nations people or nations’ office.

As a First Nations individual and hunter within my territory, I must accept responsibility for my carelessness of unloading and loading my firearms on the side of the highway and will in the future take all the proper precautions when handling my firearms be it on the highway or on the bush roads within in our territory and forests whiles hunting for birds and wild game.

Finally, I would like to take this last opportunity to thank all my clients across Canada who have supported me at both Ahki Inc and at The Me Brand for over 10 years and I do sincerely apologize for the inconvenience these false allegations and lies against me had on our business image, business relationships and business affairs. I appreciate all of you for standing by me and our company during this difficult, expensive and time-consuming matter.

I wish everyone well and that your journey is safe.


Mr. Eric J. Magiskan

http://MePortal.ca By Waabishkaawewe Eric J. Magiskan Aroland’s Straight Truthful Indigenous Ojibwa Entrepreneur Interested In Money Business Reality IT & Music With Views That Aren’t Yours!

Greenstone Beardmore Geraldton Longlac Nakina Canada

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