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Cannabis Industry Provides Employment Opportunities for Security Personnel In Colorado

Continued Growth in Cannabis Industry Provides Employment Opportunities for Security Personnel – Blue Line Protection Group, a leader in providing regulatory compliance, security consultation and protection services to high-value asset industries, announced that its continued growth has sparked a need for qualified security personnel to satisfy its cannabis industry clients.

“Our continued growth has created positions in our company for those seeking career opportunities in the lawful marijuana industry,” said Sean Campbell, Blue Line’s Chief Executive Officer. “We prefer former law enforcement and military personnel to fill these positions, but we’re primarily interested in qualified candidates who have great situational awareness, a high degree of customer care and consideration, and a willingness to grow with our company. And with the growth we’re seeing in Colorado and other states, we’re expecting to hire between 15 to 20 qualified persons each and every month.”

Blue Line currently has job openings for armed security operators in the Denver metro area, as well as in northeast and southern Colorado. Applicants must be honest and work with transparency and integrity, and they must be prepared to physically respond to potential threats against Blue Line’s clients, customers and assets. A complete list of available positions can be found on Blue Line’s website at > About Us > Career Opportunities.

“The standards we set for our applicants are much higher than other security companies operating in this industry,” said Ricky G. Bennett, Blue Line’s Vice President of Operations and Compliance. “Professional appearance and great customer service skills are a must. And, because of the high-value-nature of the products and businesses we’re protecting, we have to ensure that any applicants we consider pass all necessary criminal background checks.”

Blue Line offers competitive pay with an increase after a 90-day review. New employees will attend Blue Line’s protection training academy, with expert instructors providing classes in security operations, the marijuana industry, laws and ethics, customer service, firearms training, and more. Blue Line offers advancement opportunities for those employees who demonstrate a desire to work hard and offer proactive, creative solutions to its day-to-day operations.

Interested applicants should contact Blue Line at 800-844-5576 or apply online at

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