Canada creates 59000 new positions as jobs shift back to Central Canada

Canada’s job market got a ‘huge shot in the arm’ in May – Friday’s data should please the Bank of Canada, which is has been looking for signs of a rebound in the economy after a dismal first quarter of 2015 when gross domestic product contracted – with the plunge in oil prices playing a big part in that decline, along with weak business investment and exports.

Statistics Canada said almost all of the new jobs created during May were in Ontario, 43,900, and British Columbia, 30,600. Nova Scotia gained 3,700 workers.

Not surprisingly, resources-dependent Alberta saw the biggest decline in employment last month, shedding 6,400 positions. New Brunswick lost 4,600 jobs, while Newfoundland and Labrador had 4,300 fewer workers and net hiring in Saskatchewan was flat.

OTTAWA – Canada’s employment rolls surged in May, with about 58,900 new jobs created overall – most of those being full-time positions and mainly in the private sector. The unexpectedly large jump in employment was the best performance since October 2014, when 62,200 more people found work. The previous big gain was 93,000 in April 2012,…




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