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Business leaders wrestle with solving youth unemployment

Business leaders wrestle with solving youth unemployment – With tens of thousands of young people looking for work, the old job search methods don’t cut it anymore, the social agency workers heard. When they send a youth to check the Canada employment board, they may find 200 jobs there. That means they are looking where the jobs are not being advertised.

Enter LinkedIn, the online platform where professionals meet — one that’s expanding beyond professionals, to include everyone. Some 368 million accounts are on LinkedIn globally — 11 million in Canada alone.

Zabeen Hirji, the chief human resources officer for RBC, couldn’t help noting: It’s a summer’s day, early in the morning, it’s raining, and the Pan Am Games vibe has taken over the city. And nearly 400 people are inside the Toronto Reference Library wrestling with one of the critical crises of our time: Youth unemployment. Some…

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