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Business Bureau serving Central Ontario warning people about work-at-home offers

Kitchener, ON – Better Business Bureau serving Central Ontario is warning people about work-at-home offers that seem too good to be true.

BBB Serving the Atlantic Provinces has received many inquiries from individuals who are offered work-at-home jobs without having an interview and at a high wage rate. Upon investigation, BBB has found that there are seven companies that are all offering the same positions to job seekers:

• Aboriginal Exchange Program
• Canadian Education Exchange Foundation (CEEF)*
• National Student Exchange Program/World Education Program
• School Year and Summer Group Exchange
• SEVECC Community Involvement Program*
• World Capital Alliance
• Canadian Education Student Exchange Foundation

* In two of the cases, CEEF and SEVEC, these are legitimate organizations; however, their names are being used by these suspicious work-at-home schemes. Both organizations have posted warnings on their websites that they are not offering positions as described.

It appears that these companies are contacting students and others who have their resumes online with – a website where job seekers can post their resumes and employers can post jobs and browse resumes.

In all of the cases reported to BBB, the company contacts the job seeker and offers a job paying $45 an hour to work from home as a Project Coordinator. Some of those contacted were asked to open a bank account so that the company can transfer funds to the individual. Others contacted were asked to do research projects on the province in which they live but were not get paid for the work done. If the new employee asks too many questions about the company and/or the job, the employer ceases communication.

“While many of the inquiries are from people in other provinces, BBB Serving the Atlantic Provinces handles the inquiries because the businesses use addresses in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. “None of the addresses given are actually occupied by the companies,” says Peter Moorhouse, President and CEO of BBB Serving the Atlantic Provinces. “We’ve checked out the buildings and none of the named companies work out of these locations.” BBB has tried repeatedly to make contact with the companies with no success.

BBB is warning people to be wary of any company that offers you a job without first conducting an interview for the position. As well:

• Do not provide personal and/or financial information to a company or persons you do not know.
• Very few employment situations would ever require you to open a bank account. Being asked to do so is cause for caution.
• Be wary of any financial transaction that requires a wire transfer.
• Be wary of a job that seems too good to be true (e.g. being offered a large wage with no experience).

If you have concerns about a work from home employment offer, contact your BBB Serving Central Ontario by calling toll-free 1-800-459-8875 or visit

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