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As freelancing industry grows by leaps and bounds people trying to find new avenues to work

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – As the global freelancing industry is growing by leaps and bounds, people are trying to find new avenues to work from home. There was a need for a comprehensive guidebook that could help people start to connect with clients all over the world. With the new book, “How to Be Self Employed: A Freelance Work From Home Guide,” new freelancers can now understand how to find clients and what potential customers are looking for. John Cosstick, the author of the book, runs a freelancer website that helps people with the switching to the freelance economy from all over the world.

As the livelihoods of people in disadvantaged in communities decline, people are leaving for larger cities to find work. In such a scenario, there was a need for other sources of income. With freelancing, people from small as well as big towns can find home based jobs. The book, How to Be Self Employed: A Freelance Work From Home Guide, is aimed at providing an alternative career to people. With freelancing, people can start their own business and can work from their home. The book helps freelancers navigate through the difficult maze of online courses, job boards, and forums.

John Cosstick was excited about the launch of his eBook. He explains his goal, “I have met many people who want to start another career. Many of them were moms with small kids. And they’re all passionate and hardworking; all they want is a direction. I talked to many people and opened a website to help them. While it’s a good platform to provide guidance to freelancers, many people still couldn’t determine what the clients want. That’s when I decided it’s time to write a book to help them in the transition process to being self employed as freelancers.”

The Kindle edition is available at FREE from 1st. August 2015 to 5th. August 2015. Interested users can also have a free preview of the book by clicking on this link : You can subscribe to the free Freelance Work Guide newsletter and gain immediate access to subscribers only articles by following this link:

You will gain immediate access to articles such as:

– 9 Negotiation skills every freelancer needs.

– 11 Pay rate tips for freelancers.

– 8 Steps to become a freelance social media manager.

– 12 Questions for freelancers to ask their retirement financial planner.

A link to the book can also be found at John Cosstick’s website, Freelance Work Guide. The book contains information on many topics including developing the right skills. When it comes to online job search, there are many fraudulent parties as well, and the book helps freelancers find genuine clients.

More information on the subject is available from the website here:

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