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Aroland First Nation’s Elected Chief & Council Can No Longer Protect Drug Dealers

Aroland First Nation’s Elected Chief & Council Can No Longer Protect Drug Dealers, Drunks, Speed Addicts, Crack & Coke Addicts Or Pill Addicts In Aroland First Nation Regardless If Their Family, Related Or Friends!

I Have No Problem Reporting My Chief And Council Members ANd Their Family To Police If They’re Engaged In The Drug Trade & I Hope That If You See Aroland’s Chief & Councilors & Their Family Members Or Aroland First Nation Employees Engaging In The Trafficking Distribution And Selling Of Illicit Drugs Or Substances In or Into Aroland Ontario Or Into The Greenstone Region Please Call The OPP In Greenstone Ontario And The Nishnawbe-Aski Police Service And Make Them Aware That It Will Not Be Tolerated By Canadian Tax Payers, The General Public Or By The Productive Citizens In This Territory That Progress Our Society & Its People In A Positive Manner And Way That Doesn’t Put Natives Into Despair & Addictions!

I Don’t Think Any First Nations Leadership In Canada Should Be Engaged In The Drug Trade Selling To Their Own People Making Them Addicted Sick Uneducated & Broke Let Alone My Own Leadership In Today’s Generation – And If They Are Engaged In The Drug Trade Their Families & Them Can Pop Their Own Sad Drugs And Resign Their Elected Positions And Stop Abusing Aroland Addicts For Their Own Political Payouts And Benefits!!

EJM By Waabishkaawewe Eric J. Magiskan Aroland’s Straight Truthful Indigenous Ojibwa Entrepreneur Interested In Money Business Reality IT & Music With Views That Aren’t Yours!!

Greenstone Beardmore Caramat Geraldton Longlac Nakina LongLake


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