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Aroland First Nation 242 – Villeneuve Construction – Water & Water Infrastructure

Open Letter To Aroland First Nation 242 Chief And Council June 3, 2019

Chief & Council
Aroland First Nation 242
Highway 643
Aroland First Nation, Ontario

Re – Aroland First Nation 242 – Villeneuve Construction -Water & Water Infrastructure

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to our chief and council with regards to stating my disapproval with Villeneuve Construction taking without any regard our water resources from our community and not paying our community for the use of our water and water infrastructure.

As our chief and council is aware there are a number of residents without running water or have no access to clean water in their homes, yet we have a multi million dollar construction company being greedy and cutting costs for their benefit by using our water without shame and without a negotiated payment to our community.

Not only is no one in the community keeping track of the thousands of gallons of water taken from our community besides myself from our water system daily, Mario Villeneuve from my understanding takes these resources for free each day without any regret or any shame to those without water access in their households and does not care that he has two tankers running daily .

I would ask that our chief and council have Mario and Villeneuve Construction halt and to stop using our water and water infostructure and systems or he start to pay for the use of our water that he uses each day.

Furthermore, as our chief and council refuses to help Aroland First Nation individuals with water, water connections or hook ups I find it inappropriate that our chief and council allows this company to take any amount of water for free without being a band member or community business. Our community infrastructure is and was meant to be used and shared with our community members first and giving it to a white guy and corporation for free defeats this purpose unless our council is receiving financial reward that our community is unaware of.

Not only has this construction company failed in hiring and training First Nations in real employment opportunities such as AZ drivers, equipment operators or shared business contracts, they have given our community members the lowest paid jobs such as traffic control persons during their time here and now that they are back they now have come to steal and abuse our water and infrastructure without realizing residents lack clean access to water because of our councils refusal to help heir community members with water.

I would ask that Mario and Villeneuve Construction do not have access to our water unless a price per gallon is negotiated. And I would also ask that our Chief have Mario plan to collect his water from the Greenstone region and their infrastructure until satisfactory arrangements are made with our Nation and the residents of Aroland First Nation 242 who have no water or rely on this unreliable system in our community.

If there is a contract with financial windfall to Aroland First Nation that allows this construction company to use of our water resources that are meant for the community members and our community I would ask that our chief and council or Mario and Villeneuve Construction provide our community members and I with a copy.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact me at


EJM By Waabishkaawewe Eric J. Magiskan Aroland’s Straight Truthful Indigenous Ojibwa Entrepreneur Interested In Money Business Reality IT & Music With Views That Aren’t Yours!!

Greenstone Beardmore Caramat Geraldton Longlac Nakina LongLake


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