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80 Percent of Online Jobs in Nigeria Are Frauds

80 Percent of Online Jobs in Nigeria Are Frauds – Our experience for the past one year has been a good one. We have seen a growth in our business and for a business that is still very young; the growth has been encouraging to our investors. When we came on board, our job stock was standing at about a thousand jobs, and we were projecting five thousand available vacancies which seemed an impossible task at the time but today we average about 11, 000 vacancies. In terms of visit also, we have noticed that over the past few months the number of people applying for jobs through our platform has increased to about 1,500 a day. That is huge growth for us, seeing that applications have gone up and that people are really applying for jobs. The number of our job stock has gone up which are good indicators of growth for us but these are still early days but we are seeing the kind of growth which we want to see at this stage.

Tope Niyi is the Head of Marketing and Products Development of Nigeria’s online job portal, Careers24. In this exclusive interview with JONAH NWOKPOKU, he argues that most of the online jobs in Nigeria are from scammers looking to exploit desperate job seekers. He also spoke on Careers24’s growth, market strategies and how job seekers can successfully‚Ķ




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