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4 Coffees a Day is Safe Delights Aroma

A comprehensive scientific study on caffeine consumption has recently confirmed that having 4 cups of coffee per day (around 400mg) is safe for healthy adults. The announcement pleased millions of coffee lovers all around the world, including the coffee experts at Aroma Bravo Coffee and Tea.

“This is definitely good news for coffee lovers like me. Avid coffee drinkers often worry about their caffeine consumption, so I’m glad that the study has finally shed light on the subject. Even though I only drink 2-3 cups a day, it’s still nice to know that I can enjoy up to 4 cups of coffee without worrying about the health risks,” says one Aroma Bravo coffee expert.

The scientific study, headed by Esther Myers, was revealed to be the most thorough review on caffeine ingestion to date. After going through 700 studies on caffeine consumption at different dosages, the team has concluded that 400mg or 4 cups of coffee are not harmful to adults, while pregnant women should only consume a maximum of 300mg or 3 cups.

“Setting the right limit is very helpful for those who drink lots of coffee daily,” says another resident expert at Aroma Bravo. “While coffee offers several health benefits, it should only be consumed at an ideal amount. Too much caffeine is not good, but no one really knew how much is too much until the results were released. I hope the study will encourage more people to drink the right amount of coffee. I, for one, will start minding my own coffee intake,” she remarked.

While on the topic of healthy coffee consumption, the Aroma Bravo experts have also suggested to drink organic coffee as much as possible.

“Organic coffee beans are grown through sustainable means, so you can be sure of the safety and quality of the coffee. In our opinion, drinking organic coffee while following the 4-cup daily limit is the healthiest way to consume coffee,” one of the experts added.

Health-conscious coffee lovers can get their organic coffee beans at

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