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2Badgers Consulting

2Badgers Consulting Inc – 2Badgers Consulting offers a one of a kind approach to industry consulting with diversity of knowledge, ideas, capabilities, and staff.

Their customized approach delves deep into the dynamics of companies. This ensures that clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage, build more accountable organizations, and secure lasting results.



Frontline community and Industry engagement
Aboriginal/Industry cultural awareness presentations and workshops
Creation of Aboriginal Engagement Strategies
Conflict mediation, negotiation, and facilitation services
Cross cultural awareness education
Understanding Aboriginal protocols
Corporate social responsibility (CSR)
Aboriginal/industry emergency response and security advisors
Professional writing services
Project management
Marketing & sales


Capacity building initiatives
Life skills training
Aboriginal employment assistance
Risk management
Professional writing services
Marketing & sales
Project viability analysis


Internal Control Reviews
Fraud Prevention
Business Intelligence
Due Diligence Investigations
Business Risk Assessments
Strategic Planning
FSMA Implementation & Change Management

Integrity, transparency, respect for the individual and community, and leaving a positive mark on society represent just some of our core values. Our commitment to both our clients’ success and our own standards is what sets 2Badgers Consulting apart.

More Information

2Badgers Consulting Inc
Dion Arnouse
#32118-2151 Louie Drive
Westbank, BC V4T 3G2

Phone: 250-317-7717
Fax: 250-707-3869


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