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$1 million committed to train Albertans through the Canada Job Grant initiative

Minister of Employment and Social Development, along with the Honourable Ric McIver, Alberta Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour, today announced that over $1 million has been committed to train Albertans through the Canada Job Grant initiative, an innovative, employer-driven approach to help Canadians gain the skills and training they need to fill available jobs.

The Canada Job Grant is designed to be flexible enough to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, in all industries and regions. By requiring employers to partner in training investments, the Canada Job Grant will result in skills training that leads to new or better jobs for Albertans.

The Canada Job Grant provides up to $15,000 per person for training costs, such as tuition and training materials (up to $10,000 from the federal government and $5,000 from employers). Interested employers can apply for the Canada Job Grant through the province of Alberta. For more information, visit:

Quick Facts

In 2014, employment in Alberta’s services-producing sector grew by 46,000 and in the goods-producing sector by 20,400 from the previous year.
The manufacturing industry in Alberta grew by 5.9 percent between December 2013 and December 2014.
In December 2014, Alberta accounted for 26 percent of Canadian full-time employment growth from December 2013.


“Our Government’s top priorities are creating jobs, economic growth and long-term prosperity. This important milestone demonstrates that Alberta’s employers are willing to put skin in the game to ensure they have the right workers with the right skills to help their businesses grow. The Canada Job Grant will lead to guaranteed jobs, which is great news for workers and Alberta’s economy.”
– The Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development

“Employers in Alberta are clearly taking advantage of the Canada–Alberta Job Grant and recognize the importance of skills training, for both workers and for business. Our labour market is always changing. What doesn’t change is our commitment to continue to educate and train skilled workers, help under-represented groups participate more fully in our labour market, and all Albertans to grow and succeed in our economy.”
– The Honourable Ric McIver, Minister of Jobs, Skills, Training and Labour

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Canada–Alberta Job Fund Agreement

The Labour Market Agreements have been transformed into the new Canada Job Fund agreements to ensure greater employer involvement in training. Nationally, the Government of Canada will continue to provide $500 million annually to the provinces and territories for investments in skills training through the Canada Job Fund, which includes the Canada Job Grant.

Alberta will continue to receive approximately $57 million—its per capita share of the $500 million. Alberta will deliver the Canada Job Grant, and by 2017–18, the province will commit over $34 million per year to the grant. At that time a total of approximately $300 million per year will be invested nationally in the Canada Job Grant.

The provinces and territories will have full flexibility on the source of funds for the Canada Job Grant. They may be sourced from provincial/territorial allocations under the Canada Job Fund, the Labour Market Development Agreements or provincial/territorial sources.

Canada Job Grant

The Canada Job Grant will help Canadians get the training they need for available jobs and put skills training decisions in the hands of employers. It will provide up to $15,000 per person for training costs, such as tuition and training materials, which includes up to $10,000 in government contributions. Employers will be required to contribute one-third of these training costs.

The Canada Job Grant will be for short-duration training provided by eligible third-party trainers, such as community colleges, career colleges, trade union centres and private trainers. Training can be provided in a variety of settings including a classroom, on site at a workplace or online.

All private and not-for-profit businesses with a plan to train Canadians for a new or better job will be eligible to apply for a Canada Job Grant.

The Canada Job Grant will ensure that employers participate meaningfully as partners in the skills training system, sharing in the associated costs. This will ensure that training is better aligned with job opportunities, particularly in sectors facing skills mismatches and labour shortages.

The Canada Job Grant is strongly supported by employers and other stakeholders, including:

Building and Construction Trades Department, AFL-CIO;
Colleges and Institutes Canada;
Canadian Federation of Independent Business;
Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters;
Canadian Construction Association;
Information Technology Association of Canada;
Canadian Welding Bureau;
Engineers Canada;
Progressive Contractors Association;
Christian Labour Association of Canada;
Canadian Home Builders’ Association;
Canadian Shipowners Association;
Canadian Electricity Association;
Canadian Institute of Plumbing and Heating;
Merit Canada;
Polytechnics Canada;
Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada;
Chemistry Industry Association of Canada; and
Aerospace Industry Association of Canada.

Employment and Social Development Canada


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